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about us

The company Gioia Al Negro teaches us that anything is possible with the right commitment, serious skills, passion, courage and the grain of madness necessary to implement a project which at first may seem unrealistic. This includes producing a wide range of fine wines from an area with a limited wine vocation, combining the most innovative tools of wine making along with the expertise and experience of craftsmanship. Making good wines means to rely on a wealth of knowledge and solid experience, but also taking into account a good deal of sacrifice and passion. The size of the family and non-industrial scale production ensures the reliability and close monitoring of the production cycle of wine, from grape harvest to bottling. The challenge is to combine the best aspects of craft and modern production techniques to produce wines that are healthy and wholesome as those of our past generation, but does not show the typical shortcomings of an amateur approach. This results in a wine that is good on the palate and able to tell a story.